The Perfect Surrounding

Karen E. Laine and Mina Starsiak Hawk star on Good Bones, and they have called upon some stellar support throughout the seasons, including interior designer MJ Coyle. Over Good Bones‘ 6 seasons, fans have learned that Karen and Mina can pull off any renovation, and the pair’s flawless execution has been aided by MJ’s eye for design. From his extensive resumé as an interior designer for HGTV to his personal life off-camera, here’s everything fans need to know about the very tasteful MJ.

MJ, also known as Michael Jeffrey, grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like Karen and Mina, MJ loves the city that he was raised in and enjoys sprucing up homes in the area. Although he is a natural interior designer, MJ shared that he wasn’t always working in the artistic field he’s famous for excelling in today. In an interview for the Two Chicks and a Hammer YouTube channel, MJ revealed that he initially pursued a career in merchandising before joining Mina’s family business on Good Bones. It didn’t take too long for MJ to discover that he wasn’t in the right field, however. He confessed, ” I liked more of the placement of things than I did the marketing of things.” Fortunately for all fans of Good Bones and well-decorated homes, MJ shared, “I think design found me.”